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Fabiola Biography
  Fabiola Martinez Benavides was born in Maracaibo (Venezuela) on the 28th of December, 1972. In 1993, while studying medicine, she decided to participate in the Miss Venezuela pageant for that year, representing the state of Zulia.  This served as a platform for her to start working in the fashion and advertising industries and, it also presented her with various other opportunities such as acting in soap operas, as well as, in several advertising campaigns in Venezuela. In October 1994, Fabiola decided to expand her horizons and moved to Spain.  She established Spain as her base as she worked in various countries such as Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the U.S. Her work was focused primarily on the world of advertising campaigns, both national and international.

In 2006, Fabiola married Bertín Osborne and together they are raising a family with their two sons.  Their eldest son, named Norberto Enrique (the same as his father and his paternal grandfather) was born in Madrid on January 31, 2007.  Due to an intrauterine infection at week 29 of gestation, Kike (as he is fondly called) was affected by many complications that resulted in a very serious brain injury.  On November 20th, 2008, Fabiola gave birth to her second child, Carlos Alberto, in Seville, Spain.

In 2009, due to the great interest of many parents with children affected by brain injuries in wanting to know about the treatment that Kike was receiving, Fabiola and her husband Bertín Osborne, sensitive to the matter, as well as, divided between their sons rehabilitation and their jobs, created the Bertín Osborne Foundation.  This foundation is dedicated to guide and assist parents of children with brain injuries. 

Currently, Fabiola is fully dedicated to her family and, is the Vice-Director of the Foundation, as well as, Consultant of Marketing and Advertising for the company Bertín Osborne Alimentación (food and beverage).  With respect to her long modeling career, she still continues to enjoy it and, is just as excited about it now as she was in the beginning. 
Fabiola is none other than an exceptional mother, altruistic by nature and, a tireless fighter. 

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